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The Age of AC

Summer is fast approaching. Even though many people have not decided to take their air conditioners out of the closet, they still may wonder if it is time to replace the unit. With proper maintenance, the average window conditioner can last between 20-30 years. The older an air condition model the less efficient it is, as a general rule.

If your air conditioner is at the 20 year mark, or you have a central air conditioner reaching the 30 year mark, it may not yet be time to replace the unit. If the air conditioner can still cool the room in a reasonably comfortable fashion, it does not always make sense to spend extra money on the unit. Sometimes a unit can extend the life of his air conditioner by buying a recharge kit.

While buying a recharge kit can extend the life of an air conditioning unit, the home owner should make sure he either knows how to do this or hires a certified professional. Older air conditioners may still use freon as a coolant in the unit. Freon was banned in the early 90s as a significant contributor to the growing hole in the Ozone layer. As long as the gas stays in the unit, it will not cause any problems. Leaking air conditioners or improper replacement can cause the hazardous substance to enter into the atmosphere.

A homeowner should perform regular maintenance such as cleaning the filter can extend the life. Even if it does not extend the life, cleaning the filter at least once a year will make the unit more effective in controlling temperature. Clean filters also reduce the number of allergens in the air.

Even if a homeowner does not take proper care of his equipment, he can still expect an air conditioner lifespan to last at least two decades.